Charity Work

Ration Distribution

Karwan e Falah provides monthly ration packs to deserving families identified during medical camps or during interviews held locally. Fund situation permitting we can serve up to 60 families every month.

Medical Camps

Provide free primary medical care and medicines to the marginalized/unprivileged segment of society by reaching out to them.Organized twice a month in a surrounding village.


Increase people’s economic power by improving their access to opportunities or technologies appropriate to their skills, incomes and environments.

Youth Wing

Karwan e Falah has been encouraging youngsters, particularly students, to join in our medical camps. At the end of the camp a certificate of participation is given to each participant along with a KeF youth cap.

Iftar In Ramzan

Karwan e Falah embarked on a programme of arranging Iftar and dinner during the month of Ramazan. These arrangements of iftar are being made since 2012.

Education Stipends

Help and facilitate deserving students and educational institutions in their genuine efforts. A lot of bright students are unable to continue their education because of lack of funds.

Free Dispensary

Karwan e Falah Trust has established a free dispensary in Business Bay Sector F, Phase 1, DHAI-R. Besides consultation, free medicines are also provided. Presently it is working Monday to Thursday 10 AM till 1 PM.

Clothing and Shoes

Karwan e Falah undertakes to deliver old and new clothes, shoes, blankets and other stuff to the genuine and needy people. Beside clothes we also deliver used toys, books for children or any other household item that people donate.

Medical Treatment

Karwan e Falah facilitates treatment of needy patients at various hospitals by bearing the expenses of procedures, lab tests and medicines etc. In addition, artificial limbs are arranged and paid for, through Army Limb Centre, Fauji Foundation Hospital.


Karwan e Falah took upon itself to produce a series of booklets on basic tenets of Islam. So far 16 booklets have been prepared, printed and distributed.

Karwan e Falah Welfare Center

Since inception it was desired to have a permanent location to house our office cum Welfare Center. However, due to lack of resources and unavailability of a suitable site it was pended. Finally in 2018 a warehouse has been purchased and is currently in the process of renovation at Kotha Kalan.


"You will never attain virtouus conduct untill you give of what you cherish. Whatever you give away Allah knows it".
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